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4 Minute Fitness
Wheelchair Exercises

Thousands of people in wheelchairs are using 4 Minute Fitness successfully!

More often than not, people in wheelchairs have to adapt exercises to fit their needs. Recognizing the fact that people with limited mobility could reap significant benefits from 4 Minute Fitness, Keith teaches each of the five movements from a sitting position, perfect for people in wheelchairs or with lower extremity weakness.

The 4 Minute Fitness DVD offers all the physical, emotional and mental benefits to people with mobility challenges.

PHYSICAL- Tai Chi and qigong practiced from a sitting position

Exercise and positive thinking are even more important for people who cannot move parts of their bodies. Proper exercise increases circulation, enhances spine and limb mobility and increases strength and flexibility, thereby reducing pain.

And even more importantly - 4 Minute Fitness offers powerful core exercises that will help create a more supple torso and a more flexible spine.


Most people have terrible breathing habits. And for those with limited mobility - breathing is often further compromised.

We teach powerful, energizing breathing with each movement. This style of deep breathing increases energy while at the same time increases relaxation (as described by the ancient saying "Be still as a mountain, yet flow like a great river"). As well, tai chi breathing strengthens the immune system and nourishes your 60 trillion cells.

MIND - Change your thoughts, change your life.

 Resourceful thinking techniques combined with mental healing imagery can significantly improve mood, attitude and perspective. In other words, improve overall quality of life.

4 minutes a day is easy and do-able. Done daily for a year, it also adds up to over 3 full working days dedicated to overall body-mind wellness. And many people do it several times a day.


The 4 Minute Fitness DVD teaches 5 all-encompassing mind body exercises from a standing AND sitting position, so this DVD can help anyone in your family.

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Here is what you will receive!

1. Begin with DVD ONE  
    4 Minute Fitness

"I want immediate results!"
The perfect introduction to tai chi practice that produces IMMEDIATE RESULTS. 4 Minute Fitness is a wonderful compliment to tai chi, and even easier to learn. Although you don't know what to expect, trust that tens of thousands of people LOVE this approach to mind body wellness. And remember our thirty day money back guarantee, so give it a try!

4 Minute Fitness takes key principles from tai chi, yoga, qi gong and meditation, add deep breathing to produce a state of relaxation, then use mental and motivational exercises to reduce stress hormones and increase the neurochemicals that make you feel peaceful, grateful and relaxed. Learn today, practice tomorrow, with immediate results. DVD and VHS tapes. (more)

2. Then multiply benefits with DVD TWO  
    Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body

"I want to know more about using my mind to heal my body!"
This DVD is a LIVE 4 Minute Fitness seminar. Learn the basics from the 4 Minute Fitness DVD (see above), then watch this DVD to learn many advanced details that will dramatically increase your mind and body benefits. This live
4 Minute Fitness Seminar DVD is a pile of fun.
Find out why Keith has been called a delightful combination of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Robin Williams and Dr. Phil!. Thousands of people a year attend this powerful session. Join Keith for a life changing evening and learn how to change your thoughts to change your life! DVD only (


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4 Minute Fitness - 2 DVD Super Package
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4 Minute Fitness Super Package

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Comments from People in Wheelchairs

"I just got to the computer and was going to send YOU a THANK YOU... WHAT A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE!

As a T4-T8 paraplegic I discover that I certainly needed a tune-up... I was out of balance, shallow breathing, my bones needed a massage, muscles were tight and my attitude could use a little adjusting. Now, anytime during the day, I can start going through the mind-body exercises taught. "Yoga style breathing" seems almost completely backwards to me... like trying to retrain myself to do the most important thing... breath.

I think this program is excellent for all wheelchair users and I would like to recommend you to GF Strong Rehab Centre in Vancouver."

    B. Firth, BCPA (BC Paraplegic Association) Advisory Committee

"I am a 24 year old paraplegic. I turned mental cartwheels when you
did the exercises from a sitting position. It was so awesome.

I am absolutely adoring the program! I would seriously recommend this program for anyone with a disability such as paralysis.

It's easy and it WORKS. Your product has answered a prayer."
    L. Hall


Dr. Keith Jeffery
"A revolutionary approach"



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