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Frequently Asked Questions

 The 4 Minute Fitness™ process is new and unique and may require some “out of the box” thinking to see the significant potential in your own life and possibly within your organization. Here are some answers to questions you may have.

How could 4 minutes a day possibly make a difference?

What is Layered Practice™?

Why does it take 2.5 – 3 hours to learn a four minute

We're Tired of Wellness Expertes preaching to us.
What makes 4 Minute Fitness™ different

Is this exercise like aerobics or weight lifting?

OK. I am beginning to see the potential.
How do I maximize long term benefits

Our upcoming convention is not about health and
wellness. Would a 4 Minute Fitness™ session fit in

I employ people who have limited mobility.
Can these exercises be done sitting


How could 4 minutes a day possibly make a difference?

Two reasons.

1. Our revolutionary “Layered Practice™” technique is very efficient and time frugal.

2. “Slow and steady wins the race.” 4 minutes a day every day for a year adds up to over 3 full working days dedicated to mind body wellness. Oh yes – many people practice several times a day, multiplying benefits.

 “ As one participant noted: “...there is nothing out there that makes you feel so good so fast.”

    Slow and steady winds the race...


What is Layered Practice™

Quite simply, in Layered Practice™ we take dynamic principles from t'ai chi, yoga, meditation and ancient qi gong (chi kung)... well as vital modern medical theories, relaxation methods and key motivational techniques used by today's athletes.

... and DO THEM SIMULTANEOUSLY, rather than one at a time.

The result? The most powerful 4 minutes ever developed! And it's easy.


Why does it take an hour DVD or a 2.5 – 3 hour seminar to learn a four minute technique?

We need time to teach and create value for each of powerful mind and body skill used in the Layered Practice™ technique. It’s a bit like learning 4 minutes of a Mozart piano sonata.

First learn the right hand, then the left, then add heart for maximum value.

My goal is to create so much value that the viewer or participant will say - "It make sense. I'll do it!" To create understanding, enthusiasm and a commitment to daily practice.

With tens of thousands of practitioners, it has been proven over and over that 4 Minute Fitness works!

We’re tired of wellness experts preaching to us. What makes 4 Minute Fitness™ different?

Easy. We teach “why” in a compelling manner, then “how to” in a step by step way that fits into any lifestyle. Participants leave energized and enthusiastic with a simple, but profound wellness tool that works - anytime, anywhere.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step”. Anyone can find 4 minutes a day.

We show you HOW! And make it easy.


Is this exercise like aerobics or weight lifting

4 Minute Fitness™ is different, a gentle mind body exercise that can be done by almost anyone. It offers benefits associated with tai chi, yoga, core exercises and meditation, without the years of study. As well, our layered mental and motivational techniques will enhance mood, focus, peace and relaxation.


OK. I am beginning to see the potential. How do I maximize long term benefits?

Most participants leave with hope, motivation and commitment to the process. You can ensure long term daily compliance by providing the 4 Minute Fitness™ DVDs or videos to each participant for at home practice. If your budget is small, they will be available for sale at the end of the session.  

As well, we encourage you to allow employees to practice 4 minutes during working hours. Some schools and organizations play the “follow along” portion of the DVD over their systems on a regular basis. 


Our upcoming convention is not about health and wellness. Would a 4 Minute Fitness™ session fit in?

Absolutely. 4 Minute Fitness™ will add life and energy to any event, no matter what the theme. Participants appreciate the movement, breathing, laughter and motivation, as well as your obvious caring for their wellbeing. We can tailor the session to meet your specific needs.


I have limited mobility (oremploy people who have limited mobility). Can these exercises be done sitting?

Absolutely. We teach 4 Minute Fitness™ standing or sitting, so it can be done by anyone in your office. As well, the video/DVD teaches the moves from a sitting position.

See 4 Minute Fitness for Wheelchairs for further details.


Dr. Keith Jeffery
"A revolutionary approach"



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Who is Dr. Keith Jeffery?

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