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TEN Free Gifts and Discounts
From Keith Jeffery and
Krisanna Jeffery

Since 1998, we have been one of the most popular tai chi sites on the Internet. We are totally committed to your wellbeing. To thank you for your years of support, we are offering a whole bunch of free gifts with any order. We hope they will make each of your days a little more joyous.

We are totally dedicated to helping you create better health, find more energy, improve your relationships and reduce your levels of pain.

After you place your order, you will receive a link to a web page just like this within a week - with several gifts and discounts designed to support your 4 Minute Fitness and/or Easy Tai Chi practices.

Here is what you will receive.

1. "Pain Free" Audio meditation
- by Keith Jeffery

A short (14 minute) audio recording designed to help you reduce your pain and feel more vibrant. We use the same principles that are taught in 4 Minute Fitness, principles that come from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that work with a magnificent part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System. You don't need to know why or how it works - you simply listen on a daily basis.

2."Change your Life - Instantly" Audio meditation
- by Keith Jeffery

A short (10 minute) audio recording that will help you almost instantly change your thoughts from negative to positive. Powerful and effective. Simply sit and listen.

3. Relaxation Self Hypnosis Audio
    - by Krisanna Jeffery

Track #2 from her popular "Timeless Pleasure" audio CD. People simply love this recording as it is so effective in reducing stress and creating a deep state of relaxation. (And who doesn't need to be more relaxed these days?)

4. "The Magic of Breathing and Presence"
    - by Krisanna Jeffery

An entire chapter from Krisanna's book - The Great Sex for Life Toolkit. This chapter teaches methods to become more present - to be right here and now, and teaches powerful abdominal breathing to support your Easy Tai Chi and 4 Minute Fitness practice and - of course - to help you live more in the present.

You will also learn two partner breathing exercises. While there is responsible sexual content in this chapter, the exercises can be applied to all aspects of life.

5. 20% discount off the Great Sex for Life Toolkit
    - by Krisanna Jeffery

This package contains the humorous and informative Ageless Sexuality DVD, the "Timeless Pleasure" Audio CD and Krisanna's invaluable Great Sex for Life book - all designed to help you enjoy better health and more profound relationships by enhancing your sex life. This package is tasteful and perfect for anyone, in or out of relationship.

6. A FREE lifetime Subscription to the Tai chi-zine
    - from Keith

Every two months of so, Keith sends a supportive email to all subscribers and purchasers. Why? To keep you informed, motivated and educated. To help you keep on track, connected with your benefits and to encourage just a little practice each day.

This newsletter contains a motivational or educational feature, followed by questions from students (and answers from Keith), information on diet and weight loss, upcoming events or specials and thoughtful (or humorous) daily living quotes.

And don't worry - we hate spam and will NEVER sell, rent or give your email address to anyone.

For those who have ordered Tai Chi for Busy People

7. Tai Chi for Busy People audio CD
    - by Keith Jeffery

Once you have learned the Easy Tai Chi moves, this free CD will allow you to simply listen and follow, freeing you from your DVD player and TV screen.

This audio CD is makes the learning process even easier and will be shipped to anyone ordering the Tai Chi for Busy People DVD or video.

8.  A diagram of the Tai Chi for Busy People layout

Perfect for those who learn visually. This web page shows the names of the movements and their direction - an invaluable tool.

And now... for something completely different

9. Didgeridoo Vibration Sound Therapy audio
    - by Keith Jeffery

A what? A didgeridoo is one of the oldest wind instruments known - it is simply a hollowed out branch played continuously (using circular breathing) that produces fascinating sounds and overtones.

14 minutes of pure didgeridoo music designed to vibrate your body chakras. Perfect as a background for tai chi practice - some people feel a real surge of "chi" (energy) when they relax, meditate or practice their Easy Tai Chi or 4 Minute Fitness to this music.

10. Crystal Bowl Meditation Music
    - by Keith

A simple tone (key of C) once again designed as a meditation or practice background. This key is helpful in stimulating the lower regions of the body and can be very soothing.


Dr. Keith Jeffery
"A revolutionary approach"



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