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People LOVE 4 Minute Fitness - page 5

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "Especially rewarding for me is an increased flexibility of my spine. The 4 Minute Fitness has helped to loosen the tension in my neck and shoulders. Great for relaxing before bed and loosening up first thing in the morning. Many thanks for the great job you have done."
     J. Hirnshall, Vancouver

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I received the videos I ordered from you last week and I have viewed them several times - they're GREAT!"
     J. Small, Florida

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)   ..."I'm very happy with your four minute workout program. I use it in conjunction with my weekly Tai Chi Ch'uan and have even incorporated the "affirmation" sequence into my every other day mile swim. Thanks for your work."
     Bob Gingher, Greensboro, NC

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)   "I have added 4 Minute Fitness to the end of my daily workout. I find it makes a nice ending. I like the tape and believe a lot of people could benefit from using it."
     Derrick Ball, United Kingdom

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)  "I have been faithful about my 4 Minute Fitness and it has served me well. I actually look forward to it because it's my time to breathe deeply and enjoy the movement, as well as having a better outlook on the rest of my life. Good stuff. Thanks!"
     Luba, Parksville, BC 

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "Yes! God Bless You. I was so impressed that each exercise was shown sitting down. I am so pleased that there is a tape that I can do and not have to worry about falling. The scenery is beautiful and very peaceful. Thanks so much."
   Lois K., Shavertown, PA 

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "Thank you, Dr. Keith, I keep enjoying doing the four minute exercises
you taught my husband and I in Abbotsford several years ago. They sure get me off to a good start in the AM."
    M. B., BC

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