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4 Minute Fitness - perfect for children

I am continually asked of tai chi is good for children. The answer is "yes", but unfortunately - most children find it too boring. They are not usually looking for the quiet aspects offered by most types of mind body wellness.

However - 4 Minute Fitness is perfect for children. Here's why.

- fast learning curve - they love the DVD and are able to begin practice almost immediately, due to the "Follow Along" section at the end of the DVD (2nd page of the menu)

- the DVD is interesting. Many scenes are shot outside and include dogs, cats, birds and my twin boys.

- children can relate to the enthusiastic, energy building parts. They do these things naturally, so have a pile of fun with the DVD.

Many teachers have introduced some or all of the 4 Minute Fitness principles into the class room.

A teacher who practices 4 Minute Fitness will likely feel more focused and calm, enough to possibly make a significant difference in the behaviour of a class.

But what about the demeanor and energy of the students? In this day and age, students often have a 64 ounce super big drink and a chocolate bar for lunch, they have all sorts of personal, social and academic stresses and consequently have a hard time sitting still or concentrating. Interestingly, student stress is often not addressed in class settings, yet even a couple of deep breaths can help considerably.

Here is a copy of a report I received reviewing some benefits noticed by a teacher who introduced his students to 4 Minute Fitness. I added the highlights, but otherwise the document was simply copied and pasted into this web page (with permission).

University of San Diego - DoDEA-Guam District

Title: Methods for Teaching P.E. Standards in the Classroom

Dates:   February 5-March 30, 2002

Instructors: DoDEA Guam District Office Staff

Course Number: 500CB

Location of Class: DoDEA Guam

Participant: David T. Zimms 4th Grade, GEMS

Class Assignments:

-           I attended DoDEA-Guam’s  Wellness Day Feb.4,2002

-           Completed 8 days of “4 Minute Fitness” with class

       Feb.11 – March 1, and continuing.

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    Reaction 1 – After introducing the exercises (one per day) concentrating on form and breathing of each, we then did the entire workout.

During the week of 3/11 - 3/15, I used the workout as a transition between Language Arts and Math. After sitting for about 2 hours it was a welcome change of pace.

I found that all students seemed refreshed and better focused for the next lesson. Many of the students had more energy and attention and seemed better than pre workout.


checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    Reaction 2  – During the week of 3/25 - 4/1   (Terra Nova). I used the “4 Minute Fitness” to refresh and focus the class for the next part of the test. We did the workout during the 10-minute break between testing sessions.  It was apparent to me that the class welcomed the chance to exercise in a controlled environment. They all seemed refreshed and ready to take on the next part of the exam.


 More Comments from other Teachers:

Each year I present to hundreds, sometimes thousands of teachers. I encourage them to bring the ideas into their classroom. They often report significant benefits!

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "Dr. Jeffery, I enjoyed our phone conversation and I look forward to more.  I would like to, again, thank you for 4 minute fitness.  I have implemented 4 Minute Fitness into our alternative high school with tremendous results.  My son is our health/wellness/adventure education teacher and he uses it every day with students.  We incorporate it into our staff meetings and it is my intention for all of my students to use it and have a working knowledge of the principles.  My students are considered in high risk of dropping out of high school and we approach all students on an individual basis.  We connect with them in hopes that they will reconnect with school.  My vision for our school is to help students empower themselves with our help and live a healthy and productive life. The principals of your program fit right in to what we are attempting to do with our students. Thanks again."
Tim Weiss
Springdale Alternative School
Springdale Arkansas

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    "On the lighter side, I did the clap, stomp, yes with my Grade 1 & 2 class Friday, they loved it, but one little guy says "why are we saying yes???," I replied, "yes, because - you're the best!" -seemed to do the trick and they bought into it. To be continued (I'll let you know)."
    G. Herkel



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