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Movement and Motivation in Business

One of the most dynamic, interactive and enlightening sessions ever created for the corporate audience, producing up to a 400% return on investment *

Learn more in four steps.

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Our new on-line corporate brochure describes the serious problems and the 4 Minute Fitness solution, offers testimonials on effectiveness and frequently asked questions. To more fully understand the process and potential, click here

For brochure information on Dr. Keith Jeffery, including his "East meets West" biography and teaching testimonials, click here

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He will customize his 4 Minute Fitness presentation to fit your specific needs.


4 Minute Fitness corporate seminars have been increasingly popular with businesses and organizations. They are fun, motivating, effective, team building, and produce more vibrant and resourceful employees. You save money, and you have happier, more productive team mates. A win win situation.

4 Minute Fitness™ is one of the easiest, most all encompassing and effective mind body techniques ever developed, thanks to a wellness breakthrough known as “Layered Practice™”.

Quite simply, in Layered Practice™ we take key principles from tai chi, yoga, qi gong, meditation, modern science and motivational techniques and DO THEM SIMULTANEOUSLY, rather than one at a time.

The result? The most powerful 4 minutes ever developed!

“We don’t just tell you what to do, we show you how to do it. Results in just 4 minutes a day”

IMPORTANT - To more fully understand the process,
please read our Corporate FAQ page: click here

 WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes)   Work Place
With employees facing increasing bureaucracy, increasing responsibility, fewer resources and unprecedented stress levels, you might be interested to know that a recent study demonstrated that 4 Minute Fitness reduced stress levels of participating teachers.

Also noted, after just a few minutes of practice a day:
- "felt less sluggish", "less fatigue"
- "more focused"
- "better attitude"
- "teaching was much more enjoyable"
- "less overwhelm"
- "calmer"
- "more energy"
- teachers who taught their students reported the students were excited about it and that there was "a calmness in the air"

Read abbreviated study results: click here


WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes)   SCIENCE
The various principles and techniques used in 4 Minute Fitness™ are shown scientifically to improve mental and physical health.

Science and research? Click here


WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes)   PROGRAMS
These sessions are perfect for Wellness Seminars, retreats and conventions. Here are two of the popular programs offered. Keith often co-presents with his wife, Krisanna.

Program agendas: Click here:

TESTIMONIALS. The sessions are presented using interesting, humorous and interactive methods. They are exceedingly well received. (See comments)


4 Minute Fitness™ Business Seminars...

... offer techniques taken not just from tai chi, yoga, or meditation, but ancient secrets from all three.

... plus we add motivational techniques used by world class professional athletes...

... and powerful breathing and exercise techniques to stimulate the immune system and reduce sick time...

... and effective Eastern philosophy designed to improve communications, reduce conflict and produce results...

All in one short session.
One time only. No return visits, no weekly classes, no long learning process. Immediate results and no pain. And less overall expense!

These techniques can be used anywhere, anytime. Standing, or sitting in the office.

- increased focus and concentration
- improved health
- reduced sick time
- greater mental strength and flexibility
- greater physical strength and flexibility
- reduced stress
- increased relaxation
- better circulation
- stronger immune systems
- and improved attitude.

No other practice comes close to offering such a massive potential in so little time!

Your employees and staff will love 4 Minute Fitness™



Organizer Comments

WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes)  He has taught to hundreds of administrators, teachers and students with the US Dept. of Defense in Tokyo and Guam.

Comment from Dr. N. Bresell, Director of DoDDS Pacific (Okinawa)

Your 4 Minute Fitness™ session was critical in accomplishing one of the objectives of the conference... and was very well received and highly appropriate for busy school leaders."

Keith has taught this easy and effective technique to thousands of employees and staff, including three keynote seminars to over 1400 teachers and support staff in Feb, 2003.

For many more organizer comments - click here


Participant Comments

 "Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!"
 "A wonderful seminar. ... a great motivator. Thanks a million!"
 "Fabulous speaker - total motivation for new changes in my life."
 "Wow! Inspirational!"
 "Excellent! Very positive - life affirming."
 "Excellent. Keep returning"
 "Truly amazing"
 "Awesome (mind body) fitness program - thank you!"
 "Loved the class - bought the video. Will actually use it."
 "Fantastic speaker!"
 "Should be a plenary session. Everyone could use these techniques"
  "Get this guy as a plenary speaker! Amazing session!"
  "Fantastic. Must come back".
  "absolutely fantastic session! I will take a lot from this session."
  "Excellent presentation. EXCELLENT!"
  "Please come again!"
  "Most enlightening. Thoroughly enjoyable session!"
  "Excellent - thank you very much!"
  "Great - lots of fun and educational."
  "Great session (common comment)"
  "Thank your for your knowledge and understanding of fitness and breathing for the mind, body and soul  :-)"
  "Really awesome"
  "Very entertaining, very informative."
  "Best ever, I really enjoyed it"
  "Excellent program for anybody."
  "I really enjoyed this session as I had never exercised."
  "Great fun!"
  "Great speaker. Session kept interest."
  "Very eye opening."

For many more participant comments - click here



WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes)  For media reviews, click the links below

Stars and Stripes newspaper report:  Click Here
Oceanside Star newspaper report:  Click Here

NEW - Full Page Feature Story - Victoria Times Colonist - Click here


WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes)  For more information, or to book a session, call (866) 682-4244 after 9 Pacific, or send an email to


What Good is Just Four Minutes a Day?

WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes)  Over a year, 4 minutes a day adds up to over 24 hours - three full working days - devoted to adjusting attitude, improving breathing and immune function, and increasing muscle tone and flexibility. And it is easy to do several times a day.

How many days a year are your coworkers currently spending on these vital life giving and performance enhancing activities?

WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes)  Try this. Sit by yourself and take very deep breaths (don't stand, in case you get dizzy) and smile for 4 minutes exactly. And think about someone you love.

Notice how long 4 minutes feels and then take a minute or so to notice your mind and body after that time. Most people feel refreshed and more alive.

4 Minute Fitness™ offers so much more.

Follow Up

Employees will never forget the techniques because each one has the opportunity to take home a detailed 4 Minute Fitness video for 4 minutes of precise daily practice.

Unlike most health and motivational seminars, these lessons will never be forgotten. Each employee takes me home, so to speak, and simply follows along using the unique and popular 4 Minute Fitness DVD.


Dr. Keith Jeffery
"A revolutionary approach"



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Who is Dr. Keith Jeffery?

“We don’t just tell you what to do, we show you how to do it.

Results in just 4 minutes a day”


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