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Serious problems in the workplace!
and they all cost you money!

Job stress costs employers more than $200 billion each year in absenteeism, tardiness, burnout, lower productivity, high turnover, worker's compensation and medical insurance costs.
National Safety Council, 1995

One dollar invested in work place wellness will save three dollars in cost savings of benefits.
University of Michigan Research Center (HMRC)

An estimated 60% of all absenteeism from work is caused by stress.
C. Cooper & R. Payne, eds. Causes, Coping and Consequences of Stress at Work, 1988

Depression, a common problem among workers, costs the US $44 billion per year in lost productivity.
National Foundation of Brain Research, 1999

A new study of more than 46,000 employees at 6 large companies found that costs linked to serious, persistent stress count for about 8% of the total health care expenditures of those companies - about $24 billion annually.
American Journal of Health

The California Worker's Compensation Institute determined that job stress claims increased 700% from 1977-1988.
M. Lehmer et al. J. Occupational Environ. Med., 1997; 39(1)

A new study on stress in the workplace found that 62% of the people surveyed experience what they call "a great deal of stress" at work. That's up 15% from the previous year.
Aventis Pharm, 2001

In a recent 3 year analysis of over 46,000 workers from six major US companies, depression and unmanaged stress emerged as the top two most costly risk factors in terms of medical expenditures - increasing health care costs by 2-7 times as much as physical risk factors such as smoking, obesity and poor exercise habits.
R. Goetzel et al. J Occupational Environmental Medicine. 1998; 40(10)


NEW STUDY! 4 Minute Fitness Works!
4 Minute Fitness is effective in reducing teacher stress!
Krisanna Jeffery, Master Thesis - Click here to view abbreviated study.


Chronic Stress, Movement and Meditation

Physical activity and conscious relaxation
vs. the ravages of stress

A review researched by Consumer Report, Feb. 2000: "Clinical studies have demonstrated that chronic stress can impair the body's immune system, and population studies have suggested that (stress) substantially increases the risk of a wide range of illnesses, ranging from colds and flu to asthma attacks, migraine headaches, heart attacks, and stroke. For example, a Swedish study involving nearly a million people linked job stress - lots of pressure or little power to make decisions - with a 60% risk of heart attack.

In a study of over 10,000 government employees, workers who perceived that they had little control over their jobs had twice the likelihood of developing coronary disease as employees with high perceived job control.
H. Bosma et al British Medical Journal. 1997; 314(7080)

Physical activity and conscious relaxation such as meditation are two methods that may buffer the body against these stress-induced ravages."

May 24, 2001. BCTV reported on a study that revealed that lower back pain was the second most common reason for missing work, secocnd only to the common cold.

4 Minute Fitness gently exercises and massages almost every muscle and joint, increasing blood flow and stimulating the immune system. Regular practice improves physical flexibility - particularly hips, back, neck and arms - and mental flexibility.

4 Minute Fitness offers daily lower back exercise and gentle stretching, thereby lowering the risk of pain and therefore reducing missed work.

And the continuous movement, the focus on being in the present moment (an effective meditative technique) and the potent breathing all produce a significant meditative state almost instantly.


Breathing and health

Dr. Andrew Weil (and other health professionals) have stated that stress is a primary aggravating cause to most illness. They believe that breath work is the most time and cost efficient method of dealing with stress. Breathing well helps people center the mind, work more effectively and deal with stress more efficiently.

It should be noted that breathing is the only function that we do either completely consciously (voluntarily) or unconsciously.

4 Minute Fitness teaches voluntary rhythms of breathing designed to effectively improve involuntary breathing.

Optimism and health

Vancouver Sun review, from the Los Angeles Times, Jan. 8, 2000). "Dozens of recent studies show that optimists do better than pessimists in work, school and sports, suffer less depression, achieve more goals, respond better to stress, wage more effective battles against disease and live longer. The popularity of optimism research has convinced some scholars that psychology should focus less on misery and more on why things go right."

4 Minute Fitness focuses on being positive, being present, being loving, being vibrant, living in gratitude and on the fact that in the big picture, all is well."

Imagery and success

In 1976, golfer Jack Nicholas stated that "my 'home movies' (mental imagery) are the key to my concentration and to my positive approach to every shot".
Imagery is now used by almost all professional athletes and many successful business people:
...to see success
...to motivate
...to manage energy levels
...to learn and perfect skills
...to refocus
...to prepare for a competition.

4 Minute Fitness teaches participants to live, feel, taste and celebrate their personal goals using imagery - everyday.

Video + Seminar = Winning Combination

4 Minute Fitness™ seminars have the added advantage of offering employer specific topics in relationship to the video, as well as the vital aspects of team building and interpersonal interactions that only workshops can offer. And the seminars are fun for the participants.

And each Power Phrase can be tailored to meet individual and corporate needs. The video is very popular and effective. The addition of the personal touch and the added energy can triple the success rate.

Optional Topics to include in your corporate seminar:

Here are a few of the many topics we could add to the basic program. I am very flexible and will tailor the program to meet general and regional needs.

  • Elimination of corporate toxins (including poor attitude, anger, resentment, poor or poisoned communications, feelings of little or no value within the corporation and stress).
    4 Minute Fitness™ seminars are designed to help people choose resourceful attitudes, to recognize when they are dragging morale down and to begin choosing leadership roles.
    Even better, other employees will immediately identify "toxic" employees, thereby reducing impact.
    And I’ll help them recognize just how fortunate they are to be working for your corporation.
  • Conflict resolution and resourceful communication using the eastern principles of softness and non-attachment. Very valuable, and so easy.
  • Improving communication by reducing blaming, and by adding more space between any stimulus and a possible knee-jerk response, thereby choosing a wiser reaction.
  • Finding a balanced and healthy lifestyle at home. And improving out-of-office relationships.

checkmrk.wmf (1228 bytes)    Research of interest

  • Tai chi boosts shingles immunity in elderly people, new research shows. It adds to their general health, too -- especially when those in poor health practice the gentle meditation.  The practice fosters a calm and tranquil mind.

    In what is believed to be the first study of its kind conducted in the United States, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles have shown that behavioral interventions and integrative exercise programs such as tai chi can have a direct, positive effect on the immune system in older adults. Psychosomatic Medicine, September, 2003

  • According to "Health After 50" (John Hopkins Medical Letter, July,1999), on "Nipping Anger in the Bud..." Practice a relaxation technique. The most popular are deep breathing (as taught in 4 Minute Fitness), yoga and tai chi (a Chinese martial art involving a series of slow, graceful movements). These techniques decrease blood pressure, breathing rate, heart rate and muscle tension."
  • Another John Hopkins publication (1999). "Deep breathing may improve fitness levels in people with chronic heart failure. Yoga-derived breathing training (as taught and practiced in 4 Minute Fitness) may increase oxygen levels and ease breathing difficulties."
  • Consumer Report, Feb. 2000. "A routine that combines moderate exercise with meditation techniques, such as a concentration on breathing, may give a two for one reward for stress relief. Tai Chi and yoga are gentle, slow exercises that promote balance, flexibility, stretching and mental calm."
    4 Minute Fitness
    does all of the above and more, and it is EASY!
  • Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, 2003. "Tai chi exercises may help prevent shingles."

Dr. Keith Jeffery

Motivational, keynote and wellness speaker (to groups of up to 2500) in cities all over North America.

Video/Audio tape Creator
Creator, producer and editor of two movement video packages. Tai Chi for Busy People, approaching best seller status, and the new 4 Minute Fitness video.

Created a health oriented audio tape ("Food for Thought") that sold close to a million copies.

Tai Chi instructor for over 20 years. Studied with some of the best tai chi teachers in North America, including Sam Masich and Chungliang Al Huang.

Has an extensive Western medical background (as a practicing companion animal veterinarian).

Martial arts expert
Black belt in Goju karate.

As well...
Studied with Brian Biro (author of Beyond Success and The Joyful Spirit) in the motivational field.

Extensive meditation training.

Keith makes complex medical and eastern knowledge useable and easy to understand.

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